Hotel Vs. Airbnb: Where To Stay In Saint Lucia

It’s a question now popping up in almost every travelers mind – Should I stay in a St. Lucia Airbnb or the typical hotel resort type accommodation?

Will try to answer!

Should You Stay in a St. Lucia Hotel, or Airbnb on Your Next Vacation? On this Caribbean Island, travelers now have more options than ever before.

For many years, travel logic has favored hotels over things like resorts or rental properties.  Hotels were cheaper, easier, and provided the basics needed for most travelers.  Little shampoos waiting for you, possibly a coffee maker and even a blow dryer.  It’s enough to get you through your vacation, but is it truly enjoyable?  The hotel scene is stale at best.  Even if you are staying somewhere upscale and even in a tropical paradise like St. Lucia, when you are staying in a hotel you are staying in a room that feels as though it came out of a cookie cutter.  A few years ago, a new player came onto the scene hoping to stir things up.  Enter: Airbnb.

Airbnb brings something fresh, something new, and something much needed to the travel industry, both in St. Lucia and overall. 

I’ve stayed in hundreds of hotels across the globe and am now quickly adding to my list of St. Lucia Airbnb stays.  How do they compare?  Let’s say this… I’ll never stay in another hotel again.

​Looking at St. Lucia, my preferred slice of paradise, the difference is easy to see.  Sure, you’ve got cute boutique hotels and big resorts, but with those come crowds.  I don’t know about you, but when I take an island getaway… I want to get away.  I want privacy.  I want relaxation.  I want space.  With Airbnb, that is exactly what I get.  I can choose a villa that offers all of the comforts of home and then some… for less than the price of a hotel.  Forget  a dingy coffee pot and hangers that are permanently attached to the closet bar- I’ve got brand new appliances, an infinity pool, a computer with Wi-Fi, and full run of an entire house.  There’s no trying to stuff food into a refrigerator smaller than my carryon bag or wondering what I can buy in a foreign country that will taste good coming out of a dated microwave- I’ve got a huge kitchen where I can prepare anything I buy at the local market or even the option of private chef service right in my St. Lucia Airbnb rental.

It isn’t just me, either.  Travelers from around the world are rapidly abandoning conventional travel logic that says that hotels are easier and cheaper. 

​While that used to be true, it simply isn’t anymore.  Airbnb saves me money on St. Lucia lodging and it saves me stress.  There’s no waiting at the front desk, no worry about keycards that don’t work, nobody yelling or banging on the walls in the middle of the night- just an affordable Soufriere vacation rental that puts me near everything I want to see while still affording me the privacy I crave.

Elaine. D